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Five things to consider before moving to a coworking space

Joanne Lunt

Community Host

11th Jul 2018

Collaborative workspaces have been going through quite the transformation in the last decade. Whether you are an ambitious start-up, a rapidly growing scale-up business or a freelancer looking for more human contact, a coworking space could be just the ticket.

There are collaborative workspaces out therefor every type of business in any number of industry sectors but choosing the right space for you and your business can be daunting.

However, help is at hand with our handy five things to consider before moving to a coworking space.

  1. What do you want from your workspace?

This is going to be your place of work, so it’s important to carefully assess exactly what you’re looking for. Come up with a list of the features that would create your ideal working environment. For example, if you’re a creative, you might need less technology and a larger physical space to work in. If your job involves a lot of writing, you may be looking for a quieter spot where you can gather your thoughts.

It might also be useful to think about your lifestyle and the things that you’d like to incorporate into your working day. Perhaps you’re trying to achieve a healthier way of life or you just want to come into contact with more people on a daily basis. Coworking spaces cater to different lifestyle choices, so be sure to look into how you can make the space work for you.

  1. What type of membership are you looking for?

If you’re a growing business, the thought of signing a 10-year lease on a commercial property is, quite frankly, a terrifying prospect. That’s why coworking spaces offer lotsof flexibility without the need to be tied into long-term contracts. You’ve got room to expand should you need to grow your headcount.

Usually coworking spaces offer a rolling monthly membership rate, however if you only need to hot desk once or twice a week, part-time membership or membership with limited access to facilities such as a receptionist or gym, may be available.

  1. What kind of community do you want to be part of?

It can be tough being your own boss. Coworking spaces give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and even share business challenges. When looking for a new space, enquire about any event programmes or the types of businesses that are based in the same building. You never know, the entrepreneur sitting two desks down might have the ideal solution to a business issue you’re facing or they might just be your next source of potential new business.

  1. What perks are you looking for?

Coworking spaces usually have everything set up so that you can get on with the tasks at hand. From receptionists and event coordinators, to local business partnerships offering members everything from discounts on stationary to local hotel deals as well as amenities on tap such as desks and chairs, coffee making facilities, free printer use, mail services, breakout discussion areas and kitchens which means that all you need to do is get straight to work.

  1. What impression do you want to give?

If your business is entering a critical stage of growth, you want to be able to show key stakeholders that you and your business are ready to enter the next business stage. This means appearing as slick and professional as possible. And nothing says you mean business more than modern, stylish open plan serviced offices with cool design features in a prime location.

If you are looking for hot desking or coworking space, speak to one of our community managers about your business needs, if you are considering a coworking space but not sure where to start, you’re welcome to attend any of our free Workout + Network events hosted in our offices.

Joanne Lunt

Community Host

Joanne is our friendly community host – the first person you’re likely to meet if you come for a tour at Origin Workspace and always ready to meet and greet members, visitors and guests. A key part of Joanne’s role is helping to connect businesses that are in the space to encourage and promote collaboration. Behind the scenes, Joanne is also responsible for dealing with membership enquiries and applications. She’s also busy developing the Origin Connect Card by finding new businesses to sign-up to the card and promoting it to members. Joanne’s love of travelling has taken her backpacking across the globe and working as a chalet host, giving her lots of experience of meeting new people and building relationships. Her passion for fitness means you’re also likely to find her at one of our regular Workout + Network events!

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