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The Prince’s Trust is one of the most renowned youth organisations in the UK. Having provided funding and support for young people since the 1970’s, the trust has extended their support internationally since 2015. With an established position at Origin Workspace, the trust was the first charity we collaborated with back in 2018, and our partnership has gone from strength to strength as Origin has grown.

As the UK’s leading youth charity, The Prince’s Trust is dedicated to improving the lives of young people through the provision of innovative initiatives that expand horizons and minds alike. From supporting those from disadvantaged backgrounds (to live, learn and earn through inspiring programmes), to launching ambitious initiatives like Mosaic, (highlighting the power of positive relatable role models) it was without question that The Prince’s Trust had to be a key member of our five fantastic chosen charities at Origin Workspace.

We caught up with Head of Origin Workspace, Rob Hingston, who explained that the Enterprise Programme “fits with one of Origin’s aims which is to enable tomorrow’s business talent to succeed today, by leveraging the power of a better business community.”

How does this fit with Origin’s ethos?

Having run a successful startup programme here at Origin Workspace, we love seeing business proposals become a reality. The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme does exactly this. The scheme has seen over 90,000 18-30 year olds launch their own business, and they aren’t stopping there. Through workshops, mentoring and financial support, the Enterprise Programme has helped individuals in Bristol achieve their goals and secure a brighter future

“We launched a three year deal for the Enterprise Programme in February 2023. Every year we make a donation to support the administration of the scheme. On top of this, we provide space for local young people on the scheme, whilst working with The Prince’s Trust to run events from Origin.”

During our partnership launch event, Bristol based Illustrator Jess Knights gave a talk about how the Enterprise Programme had impacted her. Jess highlighted that the scheme itself was fantastic, yet having Origin as a workspace whilst on the scheme would have further enhanced the experience.

As a result of this, Bristol based individuals coming into the Enterprise Programme will now have free access to Origin Workspace, in hopes that it will benefit their experience, whilst opening up opportunities to connect with existing members and collaborate with them on future projects. We want young entrepreneurs to flourish!

Making connections…

Through networking in the space, Jess has connected with one of Origin’s valued members, Yuup, to work on illustrations for the company. Helping to set the wheels in motion, Origin provides more than a workspace. The addition of community collaboration and networking opportunities is at the heart of our mission as the space evolves.

How can we go beyond providing space for the Enterprise Programme?

We dig out our running shoes! The Bristol 10k and Half Marathon is an annual event that Origin take part in to raise sponsorship money for The Princes Trust. We add as many runners as possible to our team, be it Origin members or our wider community. Participants wear our bright branded Origin and The Prince’s Trust t-shirts to show who we are representing and we raise as much money as we can.

And…support skyrockets at our happy hour & networking events! The monthly socials are a wonderful opportunity for one of our five charities to showcase and talk about their work with some of the businesses in the building. Rob clarifies that “we do this on a rotational basis, essentially meaning that every five months the charities get the opportunity to speak to our members and update them on what’s next for them… It’s an informal way to engage with the wider Origin community.”

Spaces like Origin need to go beyond the co working realm. Without community there is no collaboration. Building upon a space that inspires creativity and confidence in business and the wider working world is at the heart of what we do, and it is organisations such as The Prince’s Trust that cement this thinking and encourage us to keep pushing. We want to close the gap between businesses and charity collaboration.

Get involved

Interested in getting involved with The Prince’s Trust? Origin members and our wider community can make a difference in many ways. From much needed donations to providing work placements, check out programmes at The Prince’s Trust as well as their #GetHired Jobs Board, connecting talented young people with ambitious businesses.

Find out more about The Prince’s Trust

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