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Finding the perfect balance between work and looking after your health is no easy task, that’s why here at Origin Workspace corporate wellbeing is etched right at the core of what we do.

In June, we attended the Tech Spark Entrepreneurial Wellness Series with Rosie Letts to learn about how looking after employee nutrition is just good business. Rosie’s seven rules for eating healthy inspired us to list some of our favourite ways to keep a good work/life balance when running a business and encourage employees to think more about their wellbeing.

As Rosie stressed in her talk, poor diet can lead to a 66% drop in brain function, and if you’re a startup working long-hours and living on a low budget, eating healthy can be a real challenge. To ensure your body is getting enough nutrients, allocate time during the week to stock back up on nutrition.

While looking after your nutrition is key, 30 minutes of exercise can do a world of good. Studies have shown that short daily exercise sessions deliver oxygen to your muscles, contributing to the normal function of your heart and lungs, which in business terms can mean you have more energy to tackle your day.

Sketches done by Liam Williams from LeoDo.

If you struggle to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, there are plenty of Bristol-based groups you can join for extra motivation. Here at Origin Workspace we run our own Workout + Network monthly events to encourage entrepreneurs to put aside a bit of time for their wellbeing.

No matter the growth stage your business is going through, don’t neglect the organ that will take you to business success, your brain. Sleep can have a big impact on our decision making, focus and self-awareness, so even if you are working to a deadline, start your day early rather than finish late to ensure you have enough time to give your brain the rest it needs.

Turn bad habits into something less harmful. A lot of business owners feel like they need certain things to keep them going through the day, it can be smoking, caffeine or most likely an energy drink to squeeze as much energy as possible. Look for alternative ways to make those bad habits less bad for your body. You could substitute your energy drink for a zero sugar, naturally caffeinated ingredient energy drink (check out Bristol-based company Xite energy).

When we speak to business owners in the area, stress is a big factor for why a lot of them feel wellbeing is neglected. A few months back we invited Paul Waters founder of Balance Health and Fitness to talk about ways to manage stress and workloads.

At the end of the day, running a business regardless of size is hard, but having a few buffers in place to protect your body and mind from the effects of being a business owner can’t hurt.

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