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What do you keep in mind when you make food choices?

This one hour health and nutrition evidence-based workshop with health coach, Laura Wooding, will positively change the way you think about food and your brain, for optimal performance at work and home. Throughout you can tuck into tasty after-work snacks to replenish after a busy day.


You’ll discover the power of diet and lifestyle on brain and gut health, effective nutrition tips and your drive to boost these fascinating organs.


Together through a simple mindfulness exercise, you’ll also learn to boost productivity and transition your mind ready to go home feeling calm and collected.


To apply this knowledge right away, you’ll be guided to create an achievable health goal, giving you a personalised route to sustainable health. At the end you’ll be encouraged to have group discussions to explore your chosen health goal and learn from one another.


You’ll leave with a happy tummy and feeling motivated to take the next step to elevate your health and happiness.

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