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Whether you’re a freelancer working alone, part of a consultant network, or you work remotely as an employee with a company, there are many reasons why you may try coworking spaces to boost productivity.

According to Statistica, there are nearly 19,000 coworking spaces worldwide, and research by GCUC suggests that coworkers now amount to more than 3 million globally. And it’s a trend that’s on the rise – forecasts suggest that there will be close to 26,000 coworking spaces around the world by 2025.

If you’re weighing up whether to work at home or cowork, the good news is that you don’t need to choose. Many people opt for a combination of the two, so they can get the best of both worlds. We looked at the benefits of both to help guide you…

The benefits of working from home

Cut the commute – working from home can be more productive simply because cutting out the commute adds more hours to your working day. Get started at the same time as you would normally leave the house for work, and you’ll be way ahead by the time you would be logging on at the office.

Work that flexi time – your time is your own, so you can decide if you want to go to yoga at noon and work on in the evening to make up for it. If you’re a working parent, this can be one of the biggest draws of homeworking as it fits in around school drop-offs and pick-ups. Of course, you’re likely to have clients to consider, but with careful management you can book in any calls or meetings at times that suit you.

Save some cash – driving or paying for public transportevery day soon adds up – and so do all those shop-bought lunches. Saving on little costs like these can make a difference when you work from home – just as long as you don’t spend too much time working in coffee shops and buying endless flat whites.

No colleagues to consider – haven’t got around to ironing your shirt? Can’t be bothered to wash your hair? When you work at home, there’s no one to notice, so work in your oldest joggers if you feel like it. This goes for the office environment too – at home you can crank up whatever music floats your boat or opt for complete silence – the choice is yours as there’s no one else to consider.

No more ‘sorry we missed you’ cards – if you get an email to say your latest Amazon delivery is arriving between 10 and 11am, you don’t have to worry about it being left in the bin outside, or with a neighbour you don’t know. On the downside, homeworkers often end up taking parcels for all the people who are out at work all day!

Ditch the distractions– if you’ve ever had an overly chatty colleague, or worked in a meeting-obsessed culture, you’ll know that office life comes with many distractions. At home you can set your own agenda and block out time as it suits you. That’s not to say that you won’t be distracted by the mounting washing and endless deliveries, though (see point above!)

The benefits of coworking

Get a social boost – ask any homeworker what they miss most about office life, and it’s likely to be the social interaction. There’s no doubt that working at home can get lonely at times (why do you think so many self-employed people end up in cafés?). Coworking offers the ideal solution – it allows you to dip into an office environment without the need to commit to it full time. Find the right package and you can enjoy a mix of working at home and working with coworking colleagues when you need to ‘get out of the house’.

Feel the feedback – having colleagues to discuss ideas with can really help when you have a creativity block or simply need a second opinion. Coworking can be great for this as you can gather feedback and advice from a range of different professionals in an instant.

Opportunities to network – a recent survey by found that 69% of homeworkers felt they missed out on opportunities when working from home. If you work in a thriving coworking environment, you’ll find it’s full of other professionals like yourself, all keen to network. At Origin Workspace, we offer a range of packages, from dedicated desks and office space to hotdesks. This attracts a range of different businesses and individuals, from entire companies to freelancers and consultants. And, with our busy programme of events and social lounge area, it’s easy to introduce yourself and make contacts.

Get into work mode – it can be hard to switch off at home and separate your home life from work. The physical act of going to an office to work can help to put you into the right mindset and get you focused on the job, leaving all those personal niggles behind.

Added office extras – many coworking spaces come with added extras – and at Origin Workspace we pride ourselves on making those extras really special. Depending on the package you choose, you can include access to our state-of-the-art gym, the stunning roof terrace with the best views of Bristol, and you can use our members’ lounge and meeting rooms to meet and greet clients in a professional setting. We also put lots of time and effort into curating an enviable programme of events for our members to enjoy – from fitness and wellness to networking and business brainstorming, check out what’s on offer and get involved.

Interested to find out more about coworking at Origin Workspace? Our friendly community hosts are always happy to answer your questions – book a showround today and come and see it for yourself.

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