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Origin Workspace Member Q&A – Appeal Digital Bristol

Joanne Lunt

Community Host

12th Mar 2019

This month, we grabbed some time to talk to Luke Trimmings, managing director of Bristol-based Appeal Digital and Origin Workspace members.

Tell us about your business

Appeal Digital is a Digital Web Development Agency with a highly experienced technical team that is all about building secure, effective and SEO friendly websites and web applications for ambitious businesses.

Sharing knowledge and ideas with others in the space is a key driver for us. There is also the opportunity to collaborate with businesses that are at a similar stage in their journeys.

Why did you choose to base your company from Origin Workspace?

We started a relationship with Origin Workspace in late 2017. We were already aware of them by that point and what they were looking to achieve with the premises on Berkeley Square. We chose Origin Workspace because we wanted to be in the best possible place, which made our staff as comfortable as possible. We wanted to have everything we needed under one roof. In addition, it’s really nice to be part of a community, and to enjoy all the facilities and events laid on for the team.

What are the benefits of being in a coworking space?

Sharing knowledge and ideas with others in the space is a key driver for us. There is also the opportunity to collaborate with businesses that are at a similar stage in their journeys.

The big benefit though is the simplicity, for where we are at the moment, we’re on a steep growth trajectory – we’re all working exceptionally hard. I don’t have the time to think about facilities management, business rates and other stuff of that nature. It’s really nice to just have one bill and I know that our workspace is taken care of. This is a big part of what Origin Workspace is all about – doing everything they can so its members are able to just focus on doing their best work.


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Have you made any good connections or has the space created any business opportunities for you?

One of our key clients is also based in Origin, so it’s ideal to have the opportunity to be able to build an even greater client relationship being right under their nose. And we’re excited to see what further opportunities the space will present us with moving forward.

What goals do you have for the business?

At the moment we’re in the process of developing a product in addition to running an agency. We’re focused on using the right kind of resources, scaling the agency side of the business effectively and being able to offer more services in the long term.

I don’t have a big secret master plan, we just want to be successful and expand effectively.

Interested in Origin Workspace membership? We will have over 400 desks including co-working, cellular office space and a members’ lounge all housed in our 42,000 sq. ft of newly-renovated space in a landmark building in Berkeley Square, Clifton. Facilities include an in-house gym, studio and a roof terrace with stunning views of South and Central Bristol. Get in touch to book a show round of the space.

Joanne Lunt

Community Host

Joanne is our friendly community host – the first person you’re likely to meet if you come for a tour at Origin Workspace and always ready to meet and greet members, visitors and guests. A key part of Joanne’s role is helping to connect businesses that are in the space to encourage and promote collaboration. Behind the scenes, Joanne is also responsible for dealing with membership enquiries and applications. She’s also busy developing the Origin Connect Card by finding new businesses to sign-up to the card and promoting it to members. Joanne’s love of travelling has taken her backpacking across the globe and working as a chalet host, giving her lots of experience of meeting new people and building relationships. Her passion for fitness means you’re also likely to find her at one of our regular Workout + Network events!

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