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 Terms & Conditions
Origin Recommendation Scheme

Terms & Conditions

How to take part:

Origin members can participate by emailing [email protected] with the referral’s name and contact details, so we are able to contact them to discuss membership options and invite them in for a complimentary trial and tour of the space.

Who can take part:

Active Origin Members!

Qualifying Purchases:

  1. The referral must not exist in our current database.
  2. To receive the reward the new member needs to have paid their first month’s membership fee/s.
  3. Rewards will be paid up to 31 days after the receipt of the first month’s membership fee from the new member.
  4. The recommending member or organisation needs to be named in the new member contract.
  5. For REWARD 1 the minimum is £50 off or 10% of the monthly value of the new contract (whichever is the greater) up to a maximum of £1,000 (excluding VAT). If the reward exceeds the value of the referring member’s monthly fees the reward amount will be split over forthcoming months until such time that the monies owed are redeemed. If the referring member leaves before such time that all monies owed are paid, amounts outstanding will not be payable.
  6. REWARD 2 is an Amazon voucher which is the total to the minimum is £50 or 10% of the monthly value of the new contract (whichever is the greater) up to a maximum of £250.
  7. You need to choose between reward 1 or reward 2, not a combination of the two.
  8. Origin Workspace reserves the right to amend or end the scheme at any time.
  9. There are no limits to the number of referrals that can be made.
  10. Recommenders must be Origin members at the time of the recommendation.

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