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Breakfast and morning talk/discussion with coach and father, Alex Bowman…

“You used to feel free, and life felt vibrant. Somewhere along the way, something changed. Life feels like a treadmill of responsibilities. You clock into work, do too many hours, go home, and struggle to be present with your family. I hear this story daily from the men I work with. As a Professional Coach, I work with men who feel overwhelmed by life and parenthood. They are stressed and confused about how to be a fantastic dad and a leader in their careers. I help them move to a life of clarity, balance and purpose. In this workshop, we’ll address the areas Dads struggle with. We’ll discuss priorities, work, self-care, communication, relationships and actions that you can implement into your life.” Although this workshop will focus on Dads, everyone is welcome to attend. There will be insights for everyone and the opportunity to see new perspectives.

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