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Do you want to enhance your social content, learn more effectively, create raw authenticity and engage your audience?

This introduction to sketchnoting workshop will give you the foundations to build on a new skill. A skill which can enhance social in all its worth, whether that’s social media or just helping you connect with your audience in a deeper way.

It provides a niche avenue to improve and add to your content streams enabling you to create a different type of content full of value which benefits your followers as you share what you learn and what you experience.

But what is sketchnoting? In its simplest form it can be defined as a visual map where you express concepts with drawings, type and text. It’s not about art, or about drawing ability (we can all draw and I’ve got a way of proving it!).

Perfect for anybody who works in social media, marketing or communications, this highly interactive workshop will mix fun with value, enabling you to walk away knowing you’ve ticked that self-development box for the day!

Liam Williams is the Founder of LeoDo. One of his main services is the delivery of workshops to share his knowledge and help others with their self-development. You can read more about him here.

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