Book a meeting room
David is a Psychological Development Consultant and Parasympathetic Breathwork Coach. He specialises in helping professionals to optimise their self-worth, physical health and psychological performance by overcoming past trauma and limiting beliefs.
On Thursday February 23rd, David will be available for members to book 45 minute 1-2-1 coaching sessions. Who will benefit?
– Those wanting healthy, happy, high performance.
– Those with low self-worth and/or confidence – who have experienced life struggles which have tested them mentally and emotionally.
– Those hungry for personal growth and change – this could be a specific goal on a general feeling/ambition.
– Those feeling held back by self-sabotage or peaks and troughs in motivation.
– Those struggling with anxiety, overthinking, staying present, or switching off.
– Perfectionists who push themselves hard and struggle to give themselves credit.
To book please come to reception or email [email protected].

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