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To support Men’s Health Awareness Month in November, Andre Berry from ‘Andre Berry Meditation’ will be in the space on Thursday 3rd November 2022 holding 30 minute slots available from 8am to 6pm.

These will be one to one private sessions

Areas of support during the sessions – Boosting Confidence, Maintaining Positive Habits (removing negative ones), Improving Sleep, Increasing Energy Levels, Building a Strong Immune System, What is Stress and how to deal with it affectively, How to Meditate, Mindfulness for Business, Pursuing Happiness.

A little about Andre;

Already challenged by the relentless pressures of corporate life, losing his father compounded agony on top of frustration. This created sleepless nights and an all-round knowing that if his fast-paced lifestyle wasn’t addressed, illness would surely follow.

After hearing about the benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM), he decided to learn the technique independently as he was unable to afford the prices being quoted and was blown away by the changes, some of which literally happened overnight. Andre was amazed by his reduced anxiety and his increased resilience to everyday challenges.

More at peace with himself than ever before, he immersed himself further into the Vedic tradition from which it stemmed from.

14 years on, Andre has become a much sought after Teacher of TM and Mindfulness in Business and Wellbeing Speaker.  Working with a list of high profile clients including Channel 4, Eurostar, Harvey Nichols and Tik Tok. 

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