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Are you a startup founder looking for more insight into the deep waters of fundraising before taking the plunge and diving in?

Have I thought about everything before I look to seek fundraising? How much do I need and what am I going to achieve with it? What are the stages of fundraising? These are just some of the commonly asked questions when it comes to the world of fundraising.

When you’re just getting started, the UK startup funding world seems very complex. We’ve teamed up with the experts from ihorizon to give you a deep insight into the fund-raising process from a position of experience – having lived it, done it and advised on it.

In this 2-hour workshop we will cover topics such as: Am I ready? Everything you should think about everything before looking to seek fundraising. Funding Needed. How much do you need and what should you do with it and much more.

Advanced registration required. Tickets for this workshop are £10 and includes lounge access to Origin Workspace and breakfast.

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