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Caroline Hamilton

by Caroline Hamilton / Commercial Manager

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9th Jan 2020

Small business owners say they’re optimistic about the outlook for their companies in 2020. According to research by Vistaprint, 86 per cent said they felt confident they will achieve their main goal in the coming year. Businesses say their top objectives for this year are to substantially increase revenue and growth and to reach a new customer base.

It’s encouraging to see that so many UK businesses are striving to grow their operations and turnover, but this kind of expansion can bring other challenges. As your customers and income grow, it’s likely that your team will need to as well – and that means having the right space to accommodate everyone.

Avoid the stress and cost of moving

Being stuck in a small office space that your team has outgrown not only hinders growth, it also stifles creativity and affects productivity. This is where a flexible and professional coworking environment can pay dividends.

We’ve seen many small businesses join Origin Workplace with a view to expanding quickly. They start with a small office space in our coworking environment knowing that they can scale up as and when they need to.

Not only does this flexibility give them peace of mind that more space is available when they need it, it also takes the headache and cost out of finding bigger premises. Time spent researching and visiting workspaces, rearranging services, set-up costs and the emotional upheaval of moving your entire team can all be avoided.

We’ve purposefully set the bar high with a professional coworking environment that’s finished to the highest specifications. This means that, no matter what part of the building you work in, you can expect the same standards – a comfortable, stylish and professional working environment with everything you need on hand. So, whether you’re expanding your current space or shifting to a new part of the Origin Workspace building, the impact is minimal on your team.

Access advice, contractors and service

Origin Workspace is already home to over 270 members working across 73 of Bristol’s most exciting businesses – and counting! And, since we opened Phase 2 in December, we’re welcoming more businesses and entrepreneurs all the time, all adding to our hub of talent across many different sectors.

A coworking office is a brilliant environment for networking and collaboration. Working alongside other professionals allows you to learn from their expertise and offer your own.

We often see business owners discussing ways they can save costs, increase brand awareness and ask for recommendations to help progress their companies. If you’re facing a business challenge or block, chances are that someone here has been in a similar situation and can offer advice on how to approach it.

Crucially, these informal conversations often become more, and offering advice turns into a new business opportunity. We’ve seen many paid collaborations form among our coworkers; saving the time and effort of finding new services and contractors and the hassle of travelling to meet clients.

Small office space that’s also serviced

When you’re running a small, ambitious team, time is tight. All those tasks on the to do list can seem overwhelming, so streamlining your workload is crucial.

It’s unlikely that your budget will stretch to an office manager at this stage, so factoring in an office space that’s well-serviced is a great time and money saver. It means you can leave the reception duties and IT support to someone else and you don’t have to remember to buy tea bags and milk on your way in every day or sort out problems with services like broadband and electricity.

We’ve designed our coworking office space to fit around the needs of busy, growing businesses. We have plenty of formal meeting spaces for members to book, but if it’s just a quick last-minute catch-up you need, there are also a range of informal meeting areas. Or, if you need to impress a client you can meet them in our stylish lounge.

Workplace wellness that attracts – and retains – talent

Everyone matters in a small team, so keeping talented staff should be a top priority when there are only a few of you. The right working environment will help staff stay energised and motivated. To us, that means paying attention to wellness in the workplace so that everyone can benefit from a work/life balance that suits them.

If you’re expanding and recruiting, this can be a real selling point to candidates. Recognising that staff need to factor in their own health and wellbeing is often a strength that candidates are looking for in potential employees. Research shows that 29% of workers think an organisation’s health and wellbeing benefits were a “very important” factor in deciding whether to take a job, and 68 per cent of employees believe that their office environment has a positive effective on productivity.

Top 5 tips to workplace wellness in 2020

We are all about helping people fit wellness into their working day – here are just a few ways to encourage your team to get onboard with the same ethos…

  1. Start the day as you mean to go on – whether you cycle to work or take part in one of our early morning Workout + Network sessions, there are plenty of ways to exercise before you work.
  2. Ditch the excuses – don’t want to cycle to work or do that lunchtime workout and sit at your desk feeling sweaty? No problem – take advantage of our showers and you won’t have to.
  3. Get a lunchtime lift –head to our in-house gym for a quick lunchtime workout, or head around the corner to Brandon Hill for a gentle stroll or a lunchtime run.
  4. Go pro –did you know we have Active8 Personal Trainers on hand to help you get the most out of your workout?
  5. Spare some time for personal development –need some new business ideas? No idea about tech or marketing? Our busy events programme is designed to help small businesses progress in the areas where they need it the most. Sign up for something today – not only will you learn something new, you will also meet someone new.

If you would like to find out more about our small office space for rent at Origin Workspace, speak to our Business Manager, Caroline – [email protected].

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