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Award-winning paralegal law firm, Champion Law have a residency at Origin Workspace, so we decided to sit down with Owner Fergus Thomson to hear about what being a ‘non-traditional’ law firm includes…

Tell us about Champion Law

Champion Law is a non-traditional law firm. We offer legal services like any other law firm, but what makes us different, is that we are half the price. We choose to make big savings in our overheads, by not practising in certain areas of law and by utilising the massive paralegal workforce so that we can offer a high level of expertise and client satisfaction to businesses that can’t afford the usual high legal fees.

Because we’re affordable, we can operate on a retainer-based structure, meaning that clients can have us on board taking a preventative approach rather than being reactive.

What does your day-to-day role entail?

As well as generally making sure our business operates, I research pertinent areas of law to articulate website and newsletter content that will help our clients, liaise with lawyers and make sure client queries and matters are resolved efficiently. We like everything to be transparent, which means my day is sometimes just filled with meeting and talking to clients.

Working in a separate space from your home is really important to me, I struggle to create a divide of work and personal life.

Why did Champion Law choose co-working over leasing its own offices?

We chose co-working because it is cost-effective and flexible. We don’t have a traditional office of lawyers to house, I make use of the hot-desking membership at Origin Workspace and stay connected digitally with the rest of the team if needed.

Have you made any connections or has the space created any business opportunities for you?

Since being based at Origin Workspace my network has definitely grown. The regular member events and general community in the space really encourages partnerships and collaboration between members.

How do you keep a healthy work/life balance?

Working in a separate space from your home is really important to me, I struggle to create a divide of work and personal life. The nature of the legal industry means that many haven’t got a healthy balance but working from Origin Workspace really helps me facilitate that divide.

What’s the best thing about working in Bristol?

Everything you’ll need, business-wise or not is right on your doorstep. There are great networking opportunities, the people are supportive, we have a really nice social culture; so, there’s plenty of life to tap into.

As Champion Law are dedicated to SME’s, what are your top 3 tips for SME’s thinking of expanding their business?

  • Something I’ve had to learn over the course of running Champion Law is to delegate your tasks where possible, especially if you’re a sole trader working alone or with a small team. It’s unattainable to do everything by yourself and if you don’t let go, you’ll be self-sabotaging your businesses growth.
  • On the back of the last tip, don’t burn yourself out. Get a work life balance that’s right for you. Running a business is tiring work, so you need to rest and recoup to be on your A-game when it counts.
  • Lastly, get the right investment in place for your business. Don’t go without the skills that your business requires and do tap into others’ expertise or networks to grow your community.

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