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Here at Origin Workspace we are passionate about wellbeing and encouraging members to have a healthy work/life balance. It’s not just about physical wellbeing, understanding how to boost staff confidence can have a significant impact on employee mental health and productivity.

As well as training our employees to be mental health first aiders, we believe companies have a responsibility to foster a working environment that encourages staff to progress in their career and feel confident in their roles.

If, as a business owner, you think your employees need a confidence boost, there are numerous ways you can spur them on to take up more responsibilities and help them develop the self-belief to progress within the company.

Set up the right working environment

By structuring your workspaces thoughtfully you can provide a healthy boost to staff confidence. Simple though it may sound, the right seating plan can have a big impact on the day-to-day influence your employees receive. Staff regularly sitting closer to a director or to colleagues with similar roles find that they get more support and encouragement, and are helped with making decisions independently. Employees sitting further away from their line manager can feel like small questions have to be asked via a medium like email, which can lead them to refrain from asking too often, and inhibit their overall confidence to make larger decisions.

If business owners invest in planning the right working environment for their staff to operate from it can help employees have confidence to know that their work is valued.


The best way to instil confidence in your staff is gradually to give them more responsibilities.

All in it together

If you have a few new hires and want to ensure they have the confidence to share their ideas and take projects on, get the team to participate in an activity together. Every year we encourage all members at Origin Workspace to sign up to do the Simply Health 10k Bristol Run. In the lead up to the event, our team train for it together and have a common interest outside of work to get to know each other. They bring this relaxed communication back to the office and the benefits are noticeable in easy flowing meetings and work discussions.


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Invest in new skills

Like a lot of business owners, you may have hired at a junior level to save on costs, but now find it difficult to progress employees to senior roles. Invest time to map out the career path of each employee so they know exactly what they need to do to develop beyond their current role. Once you have mapped out their career strategy, you might find staff need extra skills and training to progress. Helping them plan to fulfil those targets will in turn make them more confident in their current role.

Allocate responsibilities

The best way to instil confidence in your staff is gradually to give them more responsibilities. Of course, discuss what these will be beforehand to ensure staff are confident that they can deliver, and start with smaller projects or tasks so as not to set them up for failure.

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Schedule quarterly meetings to track how much responsibility your employees have taken on and ensure their increased skills are reflected in their salary review.

Make development part of the routine

If your team is lacking skills that your business needs, why not start by creating new routines to help them develop. For example,  if one of your business objectives is to speak or present at more events but you know your staff don’t currently have public speaking confidence, require that employees give a monthly internal presentation. It won’t be long before they have learnt the habits and confidence needed to present to an external audience too.

Whatever you do to try to build the confidence of your team the fact that you’re making an effort will be appreciated, regardless of outcome.

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