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Prioritising wellness and wellbeing is one of our core values at Origin. We believe this is what makes us different. Not only do we supply a high quality workspace to help businesses thrive, we make sure that all our members are happy and healthy, too.

Our wellness programme offers a broad range of options for our members, from gym sessions to free workshops.

Participating in our programme is also a great way for individuals to network and meet other members, inviting collaboration and support into our workspace.

Let us break down our programme, what it consists of, how it benefits members and what we’re planning for the future.

A team dedicated to wellness

Origin’s dedication to wellness starts from within. We wouldn’t be able to supply our extensive wellness package if it weren’t for the input and passion of our own employees.

Our MD, Rob Hingston, is particularly passionate about running. Not only does he provide a weekly running club and two yearly park runs for Origin members, he is also a big supporter of the Bristol 10k and half marathon.


Recent addition to the team, Parm Cory-Jones (Operations Manager), also has a big interest in wellbeing. Running a wellness company of her own, she is planning to help us create more wellbeing opportunities for our members. Our current programme is part of what attracted Parm to join us.

“I was drawn in by seeing how the Origin wellness and fitness programme benefits our members. I’m very passionate about mental health and building a lifestyle that represents balance between home life and work.

“To support the team, I would like to bring in new activities to help our members grow their companies and see more collaborations locally in Bristol and nationally,” confirmed Parm.

Helping put fitness first

Something we’re proud of at Origin is our on-site gym – fully equipped with cardio machines, weight machines, dumbbells and everything else you need for a good workout. 

Members are free to use the gym for independent training sessions throughout their working day, and we see many members taking a well-deserved break from their screens and recharging their energy with a quick gym session.

But for those who prefer group exercise, you needn’t worry. With seven in-house personal trainers, we host a wide variety of fitness classes free to members – from yoga, circuit training, to body conditioning. We also deliver further paid classes, such as lower, upper and full-body strength. 

Our on-site personal trainers are also available for one-to-one training sessions, perfect for those wanting to achieve their personal fitness goals. 

Not a member of our workspace but local to the area? No problem. Non-members are also welcome to use our gym and book sessions with personal trainers. Contact us to find out more.

Healthy mind, healthy body

The origin wellness programme doesn’t just include our gym and fitness classes. We also run sessions where members can focus on caring more for their mental health and wellness.

Every fortnight we run a session on mindfulness. This is a method of meditation that has been extensively researched and proven to reduce anxiety, increase energy, and give more peace of mind.

Additional sessions are also arranged throughout the year focusing on different wellness areas, such as nutrition with Laura Wooding and other meditation, breathwork and performance techniques.

Members are also able to book in with a massage therapist who comes to the space on a regular basis. These sessions can help reduce stress, help sleep and increase their wellbeing.

Interested in what we have to offer?

Does the Origin wellness programme sound like something you want to get involved in?

If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact our Commercial Manager Caroline by [email protected].

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