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Heather Frankham

Heather Frankham founded Lifetime Training in Bristol in 1996 and built the company to become the UK’s number one apprenticeship and skills training provider.  It is a journey that has taken her through every stage in the lifecycle of a business from start up, to scale up, to raising finance, to managing a 1,000- strong team, to selling and finally exiting in 2016.

Heather is now actively developing and investing in a number of businesses including Origin Workspace.  Located in Berkeley Square in Bristol and scheduled to open in winter 2019, Origin Workspace is 42,000 sq. ft. of newly renovated co-working space with community, collaboration and wellbeing at the heart of the concept.  Origin Workspace is home to Origin Startup, a bespoke package of individually-tailored mentoring, coaching and business development support for entrepreneurs with a great idea, or small business owners with the beginnings of a business.

Heather is the cofounder of Bud, a solution for the management and successful delivery of apprenticeships. Heather also holds the role of Non-Executive Chair at private equity backed apprenticeship provider, Paragon Skills.

Established from the proceeds of the sale of Lifetime Training, the Frankham Family Charitable Trust invests money in predominantly Bristol based charities with the mandate to help young people get off to the best possible start.  Heather is also a keen supporter of The Princes Trust and the Royal Foundation.

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