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Yoga tips if your work is office based

Rob Hingston

Head of Origin

21st Jun 2019

Here at Origin Workspace we take our members wellbeing seriously. From monthly Workout + network events, to lunchtime yoga classes, our community hosts are always looking at ways to improve the work/ life balance of those working from 40 Berkeley Square.

Since it’s International Yoga Day, we thought it was the perfect time to reflect on all of the yoga and wellbeing activities members can get involved in at our newly renovated coworking space.

If you have an office role, that doesn’t involve a lot of movement during the day, there are quick stretches you could be doing to improve the blood flow around the body, and improve productivity. Or, you could simply join a quick yoga class taking place in our basement gym every Wednesday.

Here is Hebe Dickens our community host giving quick yoga tips if you are working in an office:

As well as lunchtime  yoga with our community host, we also run monthly Workout + Network events which are open to members and non-members of Origin Workspace.

We usually alternate exercises monthly to cater for all fitness abilities, here is a quick rundown of how our Workout and Network works:

  • Workout and Network takes place on the last Tuesday of every month
  • Every month we have a 45- min exercise class – Harbourside walk, run, jog  – Circuit training – Yoga
  • The classes always start at 7:30am so everyone can have enough time to shower, have a bit of breakfast and a mingle before they start their working day
  • There is always breakfast and refreshments provided

“After the Workout + Network, I always feel energised to tackle the day. The classes are always very interactive so you don’t ever feel like you’re not doing enough, and you get to meet people on a personal level first rather than talk business” – Evie Jankauskyte from AMBITIOUS PR has been to over ten Workout + Network classes

  • All fitness abilities are always welcome, some members decide half-way through the glass they want to sit down or have a  chat with another member and that’s absolutely fine
  • The Workout + Network has been running for two years and it’s always free to members and non-members. Origin Workspace believes the power of collaboration, and  by running these classes we  want to facilitate not only collaboration but make sure our members have the best start to their working day



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Here at Origin Workspace we know it takes more than fruit and yoga to retain the best staff. However we do believe a thought-out staff wellness programme can promote good work/life and result in a happier workforce. If your business operates in the creative industry, your staff might often find they feel under pressure to constantly come up with new ideas to be innovative and creative. This strain can lead to various mental health issues, from anxiety to unhealthy stress levels. Our community host Joanne highlights ways you can start creating a wellness programme to suit your business (link in bio). #wellbeing #mindfulness #wellbeingatwork #employeewellbeing #worklifebalance #tiptuesday #entrepreneur #bristolentrepreneurs #smallbiz #professionalservices #creative #success #innovation #bristolbusiness

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If you would like to join our Workout + Network sign up here, or if you would like a show round of our newly renovated coworking space, get in touch with our team.

Rob Hingston

Head of Origin

The driving force behind everything that happens at Origin, you’ll find Rob taking on everything from helping new startups get off the ground through to making sure our events hit the mark. It’s Rob’s role to manage the £8 million redevelopment project of our property in Berkeley Square, transforming it into Bristol’s most contemporary coworking space. A skilled business and HR manager, Rob brings a wealth of experience to his role as Head of Origin. His senior position at David Lloyd Health Clubs as Group HR Manager saw him revolutionise employee turnover and engagement – the perfect pre-empter to building Origin Workspace’s collaborative community of coworkers.

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